We work on projects that develop the infrastructure, simplify
work processes and affects everyday life for the better for many people.

About us


A-metodik is a consultancy company that always aims to find the best solutions for our clients. We offer highly skilled resources in project management and detailed design. We are proud to be involved in several infrastructure projects in the frontline of the green climate change.

We believe that A-metodik as a brand stands for commitment, professionalism, and teamwork. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, to be able to deliver the best services.

We take pride in being a consultancy company with a friendly and homely work environment, based on our history of being a family-owned company. At A-metodik we look after each other, and similarly we want our clients to feel that we care, in our mutual strive to deliver results and improve the future.

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Project management – Infrastructure planning

We offer experienced Project Managers with extensive know-how from planning and construction of railways, roads, industrial sites, and mining projects. We support our clients in the early phases of their project, where we can guide our clients, e.g., regarding planning procedures for infrastructure and logistic solutions, necessary contacts with authorities, legal requirements and permits. We take on the responsibility as the client´s project manager and driver of deliverables from specialised technical design consultancy companies that are needed in the project (and/or EIA-specialists, field surveys, inventories etc). In the implementation phase of the project, we often continue to support our clients, either as Project managers/sub project managers or as strategic advisors.

We can also perform studies, e.g., location option studies to evaluate and verify an optimum location and basic layout for an industrial site, including early cost assessments. Based on the project objectives, we evaluate existing infrastructure facilities (e.g., power supply, road access, available land, zoning plans etc). The studies are performed in a systematic and proven methodology.   

We participate in financial studies e.g., scoping studies, PFS (prefeasibility studies) and DFS (definitive feasibility studies).

We can facilitate necessary agreements with stakeholders (Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding), e.g., regarding logistic solutions, land agreements, infrastructure investments etc.

We have experience of large projects as well as small-scale projects and can adapt the project organisation depending on the client´s needs and requirements. We work closely with other specialised consultancy companies, to be able to supply the best possible expertise and project organisation. In all our projects we always put the client´s interest first!

Our projects
Vindkraft a-metodik
Project management

Detailed design

Civil works

Our projects are often bound to urban development, industry and infrastructure.
We design attractive and functional outdoor environments where people live and work, and roads for safe travel in between.

Our services include drawings, tender documents, cost calculations, surveying, 3d-modeling for machine control.

Water supply and sewerage

water and sewage networks are constantly providing services to us as citizens. Since the infrastructure is invisible below ground most people don’t reflect on it but we think about it every day.

We design pipe networks for new developments, and renewing of existing water and wastewater infrastructure.

Requirements for stormwater management is increasing and we are experienced in designing solutions that decrease the risk of flooding.

Our projects
Magnus Sundling

Magnus Sundling
Project management Infra

Tel. +45 70-299 51 42
Mail: magnus.sundling@a-metodik.se

Tomas Gustavsson

Tomas gustafsson
Project management Infra

Tel. +46 70-377 52 31
Mail: tomas.gustafsson@a-metodik.se

Jimmy Eriksson A-metodik

Jimmy Eriksson
Detailed design

Tel. +45 70-515 29 35
Mail: jimmy.eriksson@a-metodik.se